Chase Garrett

“Six weeks ago, I took the Official GMAT Test and i scored a 540. To improve my quantitative scores, I sought the help of Bob. For about a month, he tutored me on how to tackle advanced GMAT topics, Further, he showed me how to sucessfully complete each problem within a given one and half minutes (the ideal time one should spend on each question in order to complete the section).

He quickly went through most of the important GMAT topics along with me and routinely emailed me problems ranging from an elementary levels all the way to the most difficult level for hemework.

Additionally, Bob was very accessible in meeting at times that accommodated my schedule. His effective tutoring methods helped me improve my GMAT score in a very short time. For each GMAT Math topic. He laid down the basics in an easy-to-understand format. His organized materials really helped me to learn concepts much more quickly than i would have through a conventional GMAT class.

He also has a unique technique to tackle the Data Sufficiency Problems, some of the more challenging problems on the GMAT Math section. Though he advised me to wait for another month to shoot for 700 score. I went ahead and took the GMAT Test again just a couple of days ago so i could meet my MBA application deadlines.

I scored a 40 in Quantitative and a 38 in Verbal, which generated an official GMAT score of 640. I was amazed and delighted to have improved my score by 100 points in such a short period of time with the help of Bob. If i decide to reapply to other MBA programs, I will definitely work with Bob again in my preparation to get above a 700 on the GMAT.”