How It Helps You

During the first One-on-One Session, I will sit with you and identify the areas that need to be improved immediately.

Together we will formulate the lesson plans to incorporate your specific needs more precisely. Then, we will decide the time we will spend on each particular area.

Attend the business
school of your choice

Based on your goals and your learning needs, we will arrive at the number of tutoring sessions per week with convenient scheduling for you.



  • I will be with you every second in person or online, whichever way you prefer, as you solve problems.
  • I will observe your potential and habitual mistakes.
  • I will guide you to overcome these old habits.
  • I will oversee every step you take in tackling a problem and help you develop alternate skills to save time and arrive at the correct answers.
  • Further, I will help you develop your unique ways of remembering techniques.

We (you and I) will:

  • Select the subject first and review it together.
  • Go over the basic concepts of that topic, which could be ratio and proportion, word problems, statistics, or some other area.
  • Cover all the different modal problems with all the possible twists and tricks. You will see the various simple to complex math problems and tackle them efficiently and effortlessly.

I will:

  • Help you break those old bad habits of doing math in a traditional yet non-effective manner.
  • Help you see the problems in a much lighter and easier sense.
  • Assist you in learning to look at the problem mentally and break it down into tiny bits of math problems, and all this to conserve time.

As you progress in solving basic and intermediate level problems, I will increase the level of complexity and start doing advanced problems. Once you begin to successfully solve complex problems, we will focus on doing a large number of problems without using pencil and paper. At this point, you will be doing and solving the whole problem mentally: this saves a lot of labor and time.

As the final part of the tutoring, I will suggest ways to relax and be confident at tackling problems without anxiety. You will learn a number of time-saving tricks.

Further, I will help you to unlearn past habits and overcome mental blocks. Lastly, I will make sure you enjoy your learning process.

I guarantee that you will develop strong problem-solving skills in math. You will begin to enjoy facing problems with joy, peace, and pleasure.

Lastly, I want you to know this:- I enjoy the experience of doing problems with my students and derive happiness and satisfaction in seeing them achieve good results on competitive exams. And, I derive my utmost satisfaction when you have attained your targeted goal with my help.