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Whether you’re just taking your first steps in exploring the GMAT exam or looking for specific guidance in quant and verbal tutoring, you’ve come to the right place! We have a proven track record of helping students excel in the quantitative, verbal, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing GMAT sections.
Five years ago, we introduced online GMAT tutoring, and it has been a great success. For many of our students who work full-time, this provided some much-needed flexibility. And while we love for students to visit our Manhattan office, we understand commuting can be time-consuming.
We connect with our students either through Skype, Google Chat, or Zoom, where screen-sharing options are available. We connect an Ipad to our computer, enabling us to write out equations and solve problems in front of you. As far as homework and session problems, we provide students with access to our GMAT questions and answers database. Better still, we allow our students to record all of our sessions so that they can review anytime.

Why Use a GMAT Tutor

Our goal as GMAT tutors is to get you the highest GMAT score possible in the shortest amount of time. That means guiding students on how to allocate studying time to maximize progress. At GMAT Tutor NYC, we have spent over four-decades identifying and creating both the best GMAT strategies and the best techniques. Thousands of our students have applied our approaches with resounding success, with many students scoring within the top GMAT percentiles.
There are two main ways in which we prepare our students: by enhancing their technical skills and strengthening their test-taking skills. More on this below, but we have a particular way we teach the technical skills. We begin with the fundamental concepts, and once students are proficient, they graduate on to learn our

advanced techniques. Our advanced GMAT techniques are the most effective because they solve highly complex equations quickly, much faster than traditionally taught methods.
In addition to needing technical ability, students need stamina, focus, and confidence (test-taking skills). Our GMAT tutoring sessions are hyper-focused, not only because it helps students learn but also to build their endurance. We frequently administer real GMAT practice tests, which gauge students’ progress while also building stamina. Moreover, we relentlessly assign real GMAT practice questions for homework so that when our students take the exam, they can do so with confidence, knowing that every problem will be similar to ones previously encountered.

The Student Journey

All of our students first take a short-assessment from which we develop a curriculum. For all of the quant GMAT topics, we have created two “special” problem sets, which we train our students on, “fundamental concepts”, and “advanced strategies.” Both of these sets are comprised solely of real GMAT practice questions. The fundamentals are questions below 650 that test root concepts, whereas the advanced are all problems beyond 700 with heavy testing on reasoning.
We teach our proprietary techniques once students can complete our fundamental concept sets with 95% accuracy using traditional methods. We insist on the

traditional methods first because, without a proper understanding of the base concepts, students will not know how or when to apply our proprietary techniques. Our advanced strategy sets are where students gain exposure to different problem types and can practice applying our techniques. By the time students can complete these advanced strategy sets with 95% accuracy, they are in good shape for the real GMAT exam. Further still, after completing our advanced strategies, students train on one last “special” set, consisting of the most routinely tested problems on the Official GMAT test.

The GMAT Tutor NYC Edge – Techniques that Work Time & Time Again

Believe it or not, when we started tutoring, there were only a few major GMAT test prep companies, namely Princeton Review and Kaplan Prep. The majority of now popular GMAT prep companies such as Varsity Tutors, Veritas Prep, and Manhattan Prep have only been around less than 20 years. By comparison, we have been tutoring for over 40 years and have adapted our curriculum to match the exam’s increasing complexity.
Two things that set us apart from other GMAT prep companies are our techniques and our GMAT practice questions.
Forty years ago, when we began developing our techniques, we understood that math is flexible. There may only be one right answer, but there are many to get it. We noticed that within academia, how various disciplines addressed certain, overlapping topics was vastly different. As it turned out, some of these different approaches in specific situations were easier to apply than others. With that in mind, we created our techniques by applying the most efficient concepts derived from engineering, math, and finance, specifically to the GMAT. Since then, we have tested and refined these techniques to an exact science.

Over 20,000 GMAT Practice Questions

GMAT practice questions are at the heart of successful preparation. The GMAT Official Guide is a great resource, except that there are not enough problems. We have been collecting and creating GMAT problems for the past four decades and have developed our very own database. It is not an exaggeration when we say we have tens of thousands of real GMAT practice questions. All of our students’ train on real GMAT practice questions. Moreover, students can create custom problem sets for specific question-types and question-levels using our filtering options.

Have further GMAT preparation questions?

For further information, please visit our FAQ page or give us a call at 212.393.4647.


Testimonials from Students

High exam scores aren’t the only reason our former students love us. But, don’t just take our word for it...

Allison Bart Student

I Got 760!
I cant believe that I have got 760. I couldn't have done it without your help.Thanks you so much! Going to miss tutoring those equations were finally getting fun for me haha. 48 quant 49 verbal 8 IR

Morgan Mckee Student

Im In Shock i scored 740!
“Bob, I scored 740 on the GMAT. I am in shock. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Jerret Arkin Student

My Score is 720!
“Bob, you are a great teacher, my score is 720. Thank so for all your help. I recommended you to my friends and will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is taking the GMAT.”

Jessica Williams Lecturer, UN University

47 in Quant with GMAT Score 700
Bob, I got 48 in PS and 46 in DS, overall 47 in Quant. In verbal, I got 39. My GMAT score is 700. Thank you again for all your help. I know I could’nt have gotten that score without your help.

Chris Bounds Student

Ben Long is the best
My children and I LOVE Turitor! The courses are fantastic and the instructors are so fun and knowledgeable.

Eli S. Student

Got Accepted in Columbia
I have some great news. I got accepted into Columbia. Thank you so much for all your help in preparing me for GMAT. Without your help, there was no way I could get the scores necessary to get into Columbia.

Jack Eidman Student

Right Tutor for GMAT
“I tried other tutors before i came to Bob. I have found the right tutor for GMAT. He is the man for GMAT Quantitative help. He explains shortouts and tips that are easily executable in GMAT.”

Veronica Student

Achieved my Dream Score
Hello Bob, I just got out of testing center. I am stunned I got 700 GMAT score with a 47 in Quant. There is no way I can get 700 wihtout your guidance and tutoring. I never imagined I would ever achieve such a dream score. Thank you Bob for your help.

Sarah D. Student

Best Decision i made for my Future
Before seeing Bob I had taken the SMU GMAT review course thinking that it would help me prepare, but I learned nothing. Bob has helped me prepare for the GMAT and seeing him was the best decision I made for my future.

Elliott Student

My Score is 740!
I am living proof that you have no better choice than Bob for GMAT preparation; He brought my Quant score from a 28 to 49. As an English major with no college math cousework, I was extremely unprepared for the quantitative portion of the test which b-schools care so much about. Even the big-name test course I paid thousands for only brought my overall score to 610 in practice tests. With Bob’s help, my total Official GMAT score is a 740, with my quantitative score surpassing my verbal! The GMAT is deciding factor in your entrance to the best schools. Invest your time and money wisely – hire Bob.

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