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GMAT Math Question Bank | Topicwise

GMAT Quant & Verbal Sample Questions | Problem Solving, DS, SC & CR


Absolute Value, Absolute value Expressions, Absolute value Inequalities, Absolute value Numbers, Absolute value Powers, Absolute value Surds, Absolute value Variables, Absolute value Word Prob..., Addition of Absolutes, Division of Absolutes, Multipication of Absolutes, Subtraction of Absolutes, Algebraic Identities, Cubic Equations, Exponents, Addition of Exponents, Cubes - Squares, Division of Exponents, Exponential Functions, Fraction Exponents, Multiplication of Exponents, Negative Exponents, Positive Exponents, Power Expressions, Scientific Notation, Square and Cube Roots, Subtraction of Exponents, Word Problems, Factorials, Formulas and Functions, Graphs, Inequalities, Linear Equations, Maxima and Minima, Quadratic Equations , Series and Sequences, Simplification, Surds, System of Equations, Tricks


Lines, angles, parallel lines, polygons, triangles, circles, and quadrilaterals. Similar and congruent triangles. Solids - volume, surface area.

Coordinate Geometry

Length of line segment, slope of line, collinearity, area of triangle, equation of lines, parallel and perpendicular lines. Equation of circles.

Data Sufficiency

A little more than a third of the questions in the GMAT quant section are data sufficiency questions. Same quant concept - tested interestingly.

Must Solve Questions

Must Solve GMAT Quant questions. Spanning arithmetic, algebra, geometry. In both formats - problem solving and data sufficiency.

Set Theory

Union and intersection of 2 and 3 sets. Subsets, number of subsets, power sets. Venn diagrams. Disjoint sets and complement of a set.


Ages, Allegations and Mixtures, Appreciation and Depreciation, Averages, Chain Rule, Fractions – Decimals – Percent, Growth Rates, Interests, Partnerships, Profit and Loss, Races and Games, Rate – Time – Distance, Rate – Time – Work, Ratio and Proportion, Relative Speed, Tricks

Number Properties

Factors, Multiples, LCM, HCF, remainders, factorials, exponents, and number systems. Sequences & Series - Arithmetic & Geometric Progression, Composite Numbers, Cyclicity, Divisibility, Factors and Multiples, Integers, LCM and HCF, Odd and Even Numbers, Perfect Squares and Cubes, Prime Numbers, Remainders , Square and Cube Roots , Tricks, Units and Last 2 Digits


Inequalities in linear and quadratic expression. Inequalties of products and quotients. Absolute value and exponents. Word problems in inequalities.

Statistics & Average

Average (arithmetic mean), weighted average, median, mode, range, variance and standard deviation. AM - GM - HM inequality.

Ratio, Percent, Fractions

Ratios, proportions, mixtures, fractions to percents and percents to fraction. Percent change, profit, discounts, simple & compound interest.

Rates Work, Speed

Speed, distance, time, average speed, and relative speed. Work time and work wages questions. Many of these are classic word problems.

Permutation Probability

Repeated sampling with and without replacement. Sampling where order matters and where it does not matter. Ways of reordering. Discrete probability.

Must Solve GMAT Quant questions.

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Mean, Median, Mode, Percentiles
Standard Deviation
Greatest of the following,
Greatest to Least/Least
to Greatest
Increased by a percent
Least of the following

Modern Math

Venn Diagrams


Addition Rule, Bayes Theorem, Bionomial Distribution, Cards, Choosing Players, Coins, Counting Principle, Defective and Good Ones, Dices, Divisibility in Probability, Even and Odd, Events, Expected Value, Game Theory, Geometric Distribution, Good - Defective, Hyper Geometric Distribution, Multinomial Distribution, Multiplication Rule, Normal Distributions, Odds Against, Odds in Favor, Poisson Distribution, Probability based on Area, Probability to win a Race, Tree Diagrams

Permutations and Combinations


GMAT Verbal Questions

Sentence Correction

Sentence intent and syntax. English Grammar. Tenses, Modifiers, Parallel Construction, Idioms, Subject-Verb Agreement

Reading Comprehension

Passages, usually not exceeding 350 words from science & tech, business & economy, arts & literature and social sciences. Data driven and inference questions.

Critical Reasoning

Evaluate arguments, assumptions, draw inferences, weaken, strengthen arguments. Resolve paradox, identify reasoning.

GMAT Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic test for the quant and the verbal section of the GMAT. This test will help you gauge your current level of preparedness to plan your prep.

GMAT Practice Questions | GMAT Questionbank

GMAT Quant & Verbal Sample Questions | Problem Solving, DS, SC & CR ➧