Expert GRE Quant Tutor – Bob Chaparala

I will help you master the quant section for the GRE exam. I provide all the materials and techniques to

help you get the highest score in the shortest time possible.


Why My GRE Tutoring Gets Results


Whether you are preparing for the GRE or GMAT, the only way to succeed in the quant section is to master the material. Each of these exams requires answering hard quant questions to get a top result. The test prep industry offers products that work well on low to medium-level questions. These products teach students rules and patterns to answer these questions correctly. But if you want an above-average score, these products fall short and always will. The only guaranteed way to score a top result is to learn and master the math.

Here at GMAT Tutor NYC, I will teach you all the math. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, I will help guide you to get a top GRE quant score. I will provide you with all the problems, techniques, and support you need to conquer the GRE.

The Best GRE Practice Problems and Answers


Almost as important as proper instruction is the GRE practice problems you use. The issue with the GRE Official Guide or study textbooks is that there are not enough practice problems for individual concepts. And usually, you run out of problems quickly.

As one of my students, you will gain access to my database with over 20,000 practice quant questions segmented by topic and difficulty. This means that you can practice on problems that exclusively test one aspect. I also offer plenty of practice tests and other exclusive materials.

How I Teach


My pedagogy is simple. Continuously practice using the right problems until you understand and learn. Instead of wasting time lecturing, I use a hands-on approach because students learn best by doing. I pick an area or topic to focus on and then walk through practice problems with you. This means whenever you get stuck, get a question wrong, or I can identify a better method of solving, I will step in.

You will learn plenty of concepts, techniques, math properties, etc, but you will learn them iteratively as we go through GRE problems. Some may not agree with this approach, but based on my extensive experience, I know students learn better this way. By having that memory of trying and seeing that technique rather than watching a whiteboard, you will understand and comprehend the material faster. In that vein, I also provide plenty of homework with problems tailored to specific concepts and techniques.

About Me – Dr. Bob Chaparala


I am Dr. Bob Chaparala, and I have tutored for over 40 years. You can read more about my extensive academic background in math, engineering, and finance here. I spent decades working at Fortune 500 companies before moving to the United States and retiring to be with my family.

I began tutoring as a pastime because of my love of math, but I dedicated more and more time as the demand for my services increased. My tutoring primarily focused on the GMAT because it required the most quantitatively, but I began offering help for the GRE and other exams per the request of my students. I am deeply passionate about teaching and looking forward to helping on your journey.