Executive Assessment Tutoring

I will help you quickly boost your Executive Assessment (EA) score so you can apply to your target program sooner and confidently.


The following courses will be covered during my tutoring based on the student’s skills:

Who is the EA for?


The Executive Assessment (EA) is for students who have significant professional experience and want to pursue a higher degree mid-career. Unlike standard MBA admissions, EMBA programs place less weight on the standardized test (EA) relative to other factors. This does not mean your EA score is unimportant. It only means that a relatively strong test score will go further than it would on a standard MBA application.

Specialized EA Materials


The Executive Assessment (EA) is an offshoot of the GMAT. However, while the materials on each exam overlap, the exams are distinct in question difficulty and section weight. For example, the Executive Assessment places significant weight on the Integrated Reasoning section. By contrast, the GMAT includes Integrated Reasoning but the important scores are for the quantitative and verbal sections.

We created our EA prep by adapting our GMAT materials to fit the Executive Assessment. Our EA prep includes the types and difficulty of quantitative questions you can expect on the Executive Assessment. We also created an entire databank of Integrated Reasoning materials specific to the EA. Because the Executive Assessment is a relatively new exam, there is a lack of quality practice questions, which is why we have adapted and created EA-specific materials. As my student, you will gain access to this databank.

Effective 1-on-1 EA Tutoring


My tutoring process is straightforward. The first step is to gauge your abilities and understand what score you want to target. From there, we will focus on the areas with the most point improvement potential before moving on to lesser tested topics. Many of my students have tight timeframes, so my goal is to improve you as quickly as possible.

In our sessions, we will walk through problems together, where I will demonstrate techniques and strategies. By showing you these concepts as you encounter them in real problems, your memory will internalize them. Again, we will focus on the areas you need help with so we don’t waste time on topics you are already comfortable with.

As important as learning the concepts I will teach you is practicing. After each session, I will assign you homework problems testing what we learned and topics for upcoming classes. The keys to successful prep are learning the correct techniques and practicing on the right problems. I will teach you everything in our sessions, but it’s equally important you dedicate time to practice using the questions I provide.

About Me – Dr. Bob Chaparala


I am Dr. Bob Chaparala, and I have tutored for over 40 years. You can read more about my extensive academic background in math, engineering, and finance here. I spent decades working at Fortune 500 companies before moving to the United States and retiring to be with my family.

I began tutoring as a pastime because of my love of math, but I dedicated more and more time as the demand for my services increased. My tutoring primarily focused on the GMAT because it required the most quantitatively, but I began offering help for EA exams per the request of my students. I am deeply passionate about teaching and look forward to helping you on your journey.