Who Are We?

When GMAT Tutor NYC was first established, founder Dr. Bob Chaparala understood the weight higher-education institutions placed upon standardized testing. From his own personal experiences, where he was constantly required to attain top percentile results for each program he attended, he understood the importance of having the proper mentorship and a clearly defined study plan. He also recognized and witnessed first-hand how the difference in even a few percentage points could alter eligibility for academic programs. Thus, his mission when launching GMAT Tutor NYC was to help students remove the anxiety, ambiguity, and stress out of preparing for the then-nascent GMAT exam, which he foresaw as becoming one of the main candidacy measures for MBA applications.

Over the last four decades, we’ve helped thousands of students excel in the analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal sections of the GMAT exam.

Founder Dr. Bob Chaparala

Dr. Chaparala has extensive experience as a Fortune 500 company CEO, Program Director in S.T.E.M curriculums and consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Doctorate degree in Business Administration as well as many professional certifications. Bob’s passion in math and teaching arise from his personal journey as a scholar and his academic achievements.

For a full list of all of Dr. Chaparral’s qualifications and achievement please visit his LinkedIn page at Dr. Bob Chaparala, M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., PfMP, PgMP, and PMP. Linkedin

Bob’s involvement in various industries such as Information Technology, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Finance and Management bring a holistic approach to prospective GMAT students in achieving their GMAT goals and gaining admission into their choice of Business Schools.

Bob Chaparala is recognized as of one of the most sought GMAT tutors in the country. He has 35 years of experience as a GMAT tutor. Bob has a long track record of students scoring 700+, along with acceptance to Ivy League universities such Harvard, Yale, Cornell and top M.B.A. programs countrywide

Throughout his illustrious career Dr. Chaparala has gained deep insight and understanding of what must be accomplished for any student to achieve their desired GMAT score. He has trained and prepared hundreds of students to improve their scores and attend the school of their choice. While working with Dr. Chaparala, every GMAT problem involving Algebra, Arithmetic, Discrete Math, Geometry and Data sufficiency will be covered through his unique unorthodox as well as widely accustomed academic approaches. He strives to make math and GMAT preparation enjoyable for every student by teaching them to break down 700+ level problems into easy- to-understand concepts.

Dr. Chaparala’s individualized approach to coach and mentor one-on-one in order to develop a unique study plan and relationship with every student. He understands that no two students are the same and is able to focus on the quantitative shortcomings of each individual student. Beyond the numbers, Dr. Chaparala’s tutoring aims to instill subject mastery and self-confidence in every student so preparing for the GMAT is a successful journey to schools of their choice.

Dr. Bob Chaparala

MBA and Ph.D. in Finance

Head Verbal Tutor: Allison Bart

Allison is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Communications with a minor in the Wharton School.

Today, she’s a New York-based freelance writer featured in Food & Wine Magazine and Wine & Spirits Magazine. After filling the role of assistant editor for Wine & Spirits Magazine, Allison progressed into a marketing and events role at SevenFifty Technologies, where she also led the company’s culture initiatives.

Most of Allison’s professional career has involved editorial writing, marketing within the beverage industry, and consulting on social media strategy. She describes writing and editorial as “a lifelong love”, but plans on returning to branding and marketing once she has completed her studies at business school.

In every way imaginable, Allison is a communications expert. She impressively scored 760 (99 th percentile) on the GMAT with an incredible result of 49/50 on the verbal section. With a sharp eye for detail and a curious mind, Allison has the ability to help students of all levels tackle the verbal part of GMAT exam head-on.

Testimonials from Students

Allison Bart Student

I Got 760!
I cant believe that I have got 760. I couldn't have done it without your help.Thanks you so much! Going to miss tutoring those equations were finally getting fun for me haha. 48 quant 49 verbal 8 IR

Morgan Mckee Student

Im In Shock i scored 740!
“Bob, I scored 740 on the GMAT. I am in shock. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Jerret Arkin Student

My Score is 720!
“Bob, you are a great teacher, my score is 720. Thank so for all your help. I recommended you to my friends and will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is taking the GMAT.”

Jessica Williams Lecturer, UN University

47 in Quant with GMAT Score 700
Bob, I got 48 in PS and 46 in DS, overall 47 in Quant. In verbal, I got 39. My GMAT score is 700. Thank you again for all your help. I know I could’nt have gotten that score without your help.

Chris Bounds Student

Ben Long is the best
My children and I LOVE Turitor! The courses are fantastic and the instructors are so fun and knowledgeable.

Eli S. Student

Got Accepted in Columbia
I have some great news. I got accepted into Columbia. Thank you so much for all your help in preparing me for GMAT. Without your help, there was no way I could get the scores necessary to get into Columbia.

Jack Eidman Student

Right Tutor for GMAT
“I tried other tutors before i came to Bob. I have found the right tutor for GMAT. He is the man for GMAT Quantitative help. He explains shortouts and tips that are easily executable in GMAT.”

Veronica Student

Achieved my Dream Score
Hello Bob, I just got out of testing center. I am stunned I got 700 GMAT score with a 47 in Quant. There is no way I can get 700 wihtout your guidance and tutoring. I never imagined I would ever achieve such a dream score. Thank you Bob for your help.

Sarah D. Student

Best Decision i made for my Future
Before seeing Bob I had taken the SMU GMAT review course thinking that it would help me prepare, but I learned nothing. Bob has helped me prepare for the GMAT and seeing him was the best decision I made for my future.

Elliott Student

My Score is 740!
I am living proof that you have no better choice than Bob for GMAT preparation; He brought my Quant score from a 28 to 49. As an English major with no college math cousework, I was extremely unprepared for the quantitative portion of the test which b-schools care so much about. Even the big-name test course I paid thousands for only brought my overall score to 610 in practice tests. With Bob’s help, my total Official GMAT score is a 740, with my quantitative score surpassing my verbal! The GMAT is deciding factor in your entrance to the best schools. Invest your time and money wisely – hire Bob.

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