The Big Secret: Focus on What Counts

The first thing we tell our students is to focus their time on the handful of GMAT topics that are certain to appear. The GMAT is so vast that studying for every possible subject is not feasible and not advisable. If you allocate your time effectively, it will not only save you countless hours but also help you from becoming overwhelmed.

Our GMAT prep focuses on those core areas, that if answered correctly, will provide a score within the 500-600 range. By working with our GMAT tutors, we will make sure you focus on the areas with the most point potential and make sure that you fully understand the concepts while getting you ready in the quickest amount of time.

How We Prep You For the Quant

Prepare for the right areas. There are over 20 quant GMAT topics tested. But to score in the 500-600 range you don’t need to master all of them, and you shouldn’t. Focus on the quant sections that are guaranteed to be tested.

Master problem-solving. The easiest and most effective way to get all possible points is to completely solve each problem. We’ll teach you all the important concepts and techniques needed for the GMAT, all you need to do is apply them. 

Practice on the right material. We created custom problem sets, using real GMAT problems, for 500-600 training. These sets consist solely of the problem-types that are most tested. Practicing on the right material is half the battle. Combine the right material with our techniques, and you will be GMAT ready in no time. 

Real problems for homework. Practicing the techniques we teach you outside of class is important. Use our special problem sets to inculcate our concepts and techniques into memory.

Flashcards. We’ll give you the important formulas and tricks to memorize. Furthermore, we’ll make sure you create flashcards for the problems you’re getting wrong on our real GMAT question problem sets. Memorize these and you will be in great shape.

Practice Tests. Leave nothing to chance. We’ll provide real GMAT practice tests throughout. Not only will these provide feedback for your study path, it will bolster your confidence as you witness your progress. 

Prepping for Verbal

Sentence Correction

Critical Reasoning

Reading Comprehension

Sentence correction offers students the most potential for rapid improvement. To succeed in sentence correction involves learning the grammatical rules and understanding when and how to apply them. We begin by reviewing all the parts of speech and then moving onto broader grammatical concepts such as parallelism and misplaced modifiers.

Once you learn the rules, you will be able to spot and remedy the issues quickly. The tricky part about the GMAT sentence correction is spotting these errors. Therefore, after learning the rules, we will dedicate our time to teaching you to spot the mistakes within the real GMAT problems.

The critical reasoning section can be tricky for some because of its heavy emphasis on logical reasoning. We will begin by going over the eight different types of questions. From there, we will focus on the four most commonly occurring; strengthen, weaken, assumption, and evaluate.

We will focus on teaching how to evaluate each argument and locate important information. Because each passage is short, the words are very deliberate. We will teach you how to read these passages analytically to pick up on the details and logic. After learning the techniques, the key is to apply and re-apply them.

Often, this is the most challenging area for students to boost their scores. While we will focus on reading comprehension, we will focus more heavily on the other two types of questions as they offer more potential improvement.

Unlike the critical reasoning section, these passages are too long to be read with intense focus and analysis. Instead, we teach students how to read the passages for the main ideas while paying attention to aspects like tone, opinion, and the types of contrast words the author is using.

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